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Mental Health Counseling

Everyone deserves access to mental health counseling, even individuals whose limited mobility prevents them from leaving home. Too often, the elderly, disabled, or their caregivers are unable to travel to a therapist’s office. In keeping with the mission that everyone should have access to the mental health care they need, ISS provides clients with in-home counseling services. We offer individual, family and couples counseling. The following is a brief overview of the specific counseling services we offer.

Counseling for Seniors

As with every stage in life, growing older brings unique challenges. The elderly are likely to suffer from a number of medical conditions and changes in social environment that can adversely impact their daily lives. Older adults may be needlessly suffering from the emotional distress that comes with later life issues such as depression and anxiety. ISS understands these issues and works collaboratively with family members and long-term care professionals to provide mental health care to the elderly. Through counseling, ISS therapists introduce strategies that help seniors alleviate stress and develop positive coping skills. Whether they are adjusting to life changes, dealing with the passing of a loved one, or experiencing distress from cognitive decline and illness, ISS helps clients find enjoyment and increased quality of life.

Counseling for Caregivers

Whether the caregiver is a spouse, child, grandchild, parent or friend, looking after a loved one can bring great rewards as well as unexpected stresses. In many instances, caregivers put their own needs second to the needs of an aging or disabled partner, parent or friend. Our counseling services address the specific issues that arise from taking care of another person. ISS offers clients in-home counseling, education, and training to help them alleviate stress, manage care, and develop strategies for coping with the unique challenges of caregiving. Through our services, ISS works with clients to reduce stress and improve quality of life.

Counseling for the Disabled

Disabled persons who suffer from limited mobility are prone to a number of medical complications. In addition to these challenges, a disabled person may also be suffering from mental health issues that arise from social isolation and adjustments to change. Hidden depression, anxiety and other stresses can negatively impact a disabled person’s daily life. Working in collaboration with family and long-term care professionals, ISS therapists introduce strategies that encourage productive coping skills that help ameliorate emotional distress. With counseling, ISS helps clients find renewed joy in everyday life.

Counseling Services
Case Management
Senior Portrait
Geriatric and Disabled Case Management

ISS provides case managers for geriatric and disabled clients. Case managers are health and human service specialists that assist the elderly and disabled in attaining their maximum functional potential. Assessing the needs of their clients, case managers plan for and facilitate the coordination of health and human services to optimize quality of life and overall health outcomes. Case managers plan and manage the everyday, long-term care of their clients by working in collaboration with family members, guardians, and other health care professionals. In addition to facilitating care services, case management also includes but is not limited to advocacy, education, resource management, and communication on their client’s behalf. Case managers assess problems and provide solutions that enhance the quality of life for their clients.


Payment: A sliding scale is available for individuals who are income eligible.

Supportive Cleaning
Portrait of Elderly man looking out wind
Supportive Cleaning Services

A person’s everyday environment can have a profound impact on their mental health and emotional well-being. For seniors and the disabled with limited mobility, ISS offers cleaning support and guidance in dealing with issues of hoarding and clutter. ISS professionals are trained in specialized, compassionate methods for eliminating hoardage and clutter in a humane and dignified way. Working together with clients, ISS helps them decide what to keep, what to give away, and what to discard. ISS professionals assist clients in reclaiming their living space while supporting habits that help maintain a positive living environment. 


Payment: A sliding scale is available for individuals who are income eligible.

ISS professionals provide supportive counseling for the many issues related to aging and caregiving. Contact us to make an appointment.
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